Stock impressions

125m² space and dozens of vintage cabinets are stocking approx. 250.000 spare parts for almost all major brands and calibres. If we can’t supply a rare or discontinued part out of our own drawers our team is highly skilled in obtaining it efficiently and successfully with the help of proven contacts all over the world. It is our contribution to history for keeping rare and extraordinary time pieces in running condition. Among the comprehensively sorted stock of Swiss ebauche parts we are still maintaining an impressive number of parts for all major German brands and calibres pre- and post WW II. And if you require parts for all kind of pocket watches – please do not hesitate to ask us. Needless to say that we are stocking nearly all required parts for modern mechanical and quartz calibres as well.
A large selection of crystals for watches from the twenties up to the present fulfills all demands. We stock crystals for pocket watches, Savonettes and clocks as well as the complete product range of precision tools from Bergeon, Elma, Witschi and other favourite suppliers. Passion for watches: Not only a slogan but our sucessful business policy for more than one-hundred years.